The Power of Journaling & Healing

For the past 3 years I’ve been on a journey of healing.  Healing the deepest wounds from so much childhood trauma, ancestral trauma, heartbreak, and old stories rooted inside my cells. It all started when…

Finding My Sva Dharma


For so long, I wondered what I wanted to do in my life, how I could be of service to others? How could I make an impact in this world? Working in a Vascular practice wasn’t enough for me. I wanted a deeper connection with people. As my family continued to struggle with their health,…

My Story – Kathy Rivera


Many people know me as Kathy, Kat, Gata, or Tiny Warrior, but discovering my passion & purpose was a journey. I’m a child of immigrant parents, I grew up eating delicious Salvadorian food and American food like Big Macs & Whoppers. Being immigrants to the United States, my family did what they thought was right…