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The Power of Journaling & Healing

For the past 3 years I’ve been on a journey of healing.  Healing the deepest wounds from so much childhood trauma, ancestral trauma, heartbreak, and old stories rooted inside my cells.

It all started when I ended my long term relationship, I was no longer happy and was holding on to the comfort of having a person with me. But she no longer supported my beating heart. I was pouring into her, and losing myself little by little, just to try to give her the validation and happiness she so desperately was seeking outside of herself — and in me.
This was the catalyst to falling apart and to begin again. It didn’t happen right away. I had months of sleepless night, panic attacks, and night terrors. It felt like it would never end. Taking a full breath was impossible.

One night, waking up from a night terror and full of sweat, I decided grab my notebook and pen and began to write, poured all the words I hadn’t said that I wanted to say, that I should’ve said, but never did. I poured out my heart and soul that night and every night for months after that.

I reconnected with the one thing that helped me most in my life growing up — Writing. Writing has been something that always came naturally to me as a kid. It’s how I made sense of my thoughts, my sadness. It was my way of expressing myself. After several months of journaling, I finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer. The warrior within was awakening. I was breaking through so many things in my life.

My writing went from pouring out my sadness and grief to moments of gratitude, setting affirmations and intentions, writing poetry and even writing my friends encouragement. Then I started getting brujita with it and made it a ritual to manifest things in my life.  And you can do all of this too!

Have you ever wanted to get clear about your thoughts? Maybe set intentions/goals? Keep a food diary to be more mindful of your eating habits? Shifting your mindset to daily affirmations and live in gratitude?

Here are few benefits of journaling:
1. Healing – if anything do it for this! You deserve it!
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. Achieving Goals
4. Improves Immune Function – Because you’re reducing stress!
5. Strengthens Self-Confidence
6. Boost Memory

Let’s start journaling! What do you want to shift in your life? Maybe it’s being more grateful and need a mindset shift.
Here’s a simple exercise:

Morning journal entry:
Today’s Intention:
One Affirmation:

Evening Journal Entry:
Today I am grateful for:
One thing you did well today:
Today I learned _________ about myself.
Repeat Morning Affirmation.


Share with me how it goes. I’d love to know what you shifted in your life with journaling!