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Finding My Sva Dharma


For so long, I wondered what I wanted to do in my life, how I could be of service to others? How could I make an impact in this world? Working in a Vascular practice wasn’t enough for me. I wanted a deeper connection with people.

As my family continued to struggle with their health, I spent a lot of my time reading about health and nutrition. I’d share the things I would learn about health and nutrition with my family and friends. I’m sure they all thought I was making half the things up or thought I was crazy! But what could I do with this information? What could I do with this passion?

In search of creating a new and an amazing life, I moved to South Florida Summer of 2012 with my daughter not knowing a single soul. I loved Florida, so why not!? I found a position with the largest healthcare system in South Florida, I was excited and so ready to fulfill my purpose. I thought this was it. It was great until it wasn’t. During this time I was so unhappy, I was struggling with so many things in my personal life that work just wasn’t the same anymore.

In 2016, my foundation was shaken, I was in shambles, but I had finally taken my life back for my happiness — I ended a long-term relationship that was no longer supporting my beating heart or my family. At the time I felt so lost, and what felt like endless sleepless nights, nightmares but I was determined to get through this. I chose to move out of the old apartment be closer to the beach and moved Wilton Manors, the move was great. And it was only the beginning.

During this transition I knew I didn’t want to succumb to my lower life tendencies and seek outside of myself to cope with the break-up and the HUGE change in my life (because human’s hate change), I found my to yoga. I began to pour into myself, SELF-LOVE transformed my life. My wellness journey began when I realized I was worth it. I also, started journaling again, these two things that were a part of me for so long, but I had lost connection to; I’d lost so much of myself in the relationship. I finally found my yoga community after several ‘tryouts” in different locations. Yoga became a daily self-care; it was more than an exercise not what most people think yoga is. I experienced something profound and beautiful. It was the catalyst to some much-needed healing. But was this experience? Discovering the sacredness and healing it provided, I wanted to dive into the yoga philosophy, how to teach this to others. Yoga truly opened up my heart and mind to a calling to become a student again, so my search for a wellness careers began. After about a year of research, I landed at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute for my Health Coach certification, and to further compliment my certification, I completed my Behavior Change Specialist program with ACE. The following year I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training.

I had all this knowledge and passion — now what? I wanted to bring light to all the confusion about health, nutrition, and bring the healing power of yoga to everyone. My passion evolved from wanting to educate people about nutrition to wanting to empower people to take control of their health, bridging the gap between doctors and all the information on the latest and the greatest diet. I believe yoga is for everyone. In coaching through yoga, working from the inside out, we evoke self-love as we journey in a client-coach relationship to create happy, sustainable, & healthy lifestyles. This is how Tiny Warrior Wellness born.